35 sleeps to payday!

So, Black Friday is done, quickly followed by Cyber Monday, and if you have been persuaded to part with your cash, you might be pleased to note that this week is usually payday week and so that battered bank balance might look a bit brighter than it did before.

Bear in mind that the next payday, in December, usually comes early, as employers pay their teams in advance of Christmas to make sure they have funds to put butter on their parsnips!

But be careful! If you get paid on the last Friday before Christmas (that's 21 December), it might be five or so weeks before you get paid again. That's 35 sleeps! Wow!

Before you get energetic on the Christmas spending, be careful not to get into debt and remember the five week gap before you get paid again, especially if you have to pay an income tax bill at the end of January. Now, we know that this problem comes up (usually) every year and if it somehow surprises you every year, then what can be done to help? Budgeting is probably going to be the answer, but what about a bit of longer term online money planning? This is where the team at SaidSo.co.uk can prepare your own independent report on what you should consider.

As we approach the end of 2018, and as some people's thoughts turn to what 2019 might look like for them, have a look at your money planning to make sure you are ready for 2019 and beyond.

Enjoy your festive preparations!