Admitting what you’ve ‘used’?

Whilst the front runners for a current leadership race admit in the press what they have ‘used’ in the past (as though this provides them with some absolution!).

Can you imagine if we could all get so much coverage for using financial allowances or products?

'Yeah! I use my ISA each year! There, I've said it!'

'Alright! So I fund a pension! Just don't tell anyone...please!'

'Gift allowance! Me! Well, once a year, ...and only at Christmas! Shhh!'

'So what if I've taken life cover! What's it to you!'

Can't see these financial headlines getting the tabloids excited, can you? 'Person saves for future in ISA shocker!!!', won't get the papers rushing off the shelves or news media subscribers crashing websites. But that does not make the importance of trying to plan ahead for your money any less serious than it really is.

Your, along with our, future may not make the headlines, but if you could, how would the front page read? 'Comfortable retirement achieved through 20 year committed graft', or 'First house deposit completed by savvy saver'? Not gripping, but very real, as long as you take control of what you really want to achieve.

So, go on, make your own personal headlines, just be in control of what you want them to read and when.