Can be an awkward word and prospect, don’t you think?

Life and its events are usually all about affordability. From a car, to an engagement ring, to a family, to housing, to retirement, to the work you do, or choose to do, it's usually all about the money and budget. Indeed, without the right budget, cash flow, capital, income, whatever you want to call it, stuff doesn't really happen. And wow! It can be frustrating at times, boring at others.

There's no pretending that unless you win the lottery, for most of us, raising cash involves hard work, focus and grind. Some of us are up for that and for others, well, 'mañana' will do. Each to their own ways.

Although, if you have to work hard for your money, and most do have to, you want your money to work for you in return. The basics of what you might consider are:

  • Length of time you can put the money away
  • Any access requirements you might have on the funds put away
  • The tax charges on any return you might receive, if applicable
  • The level of investment risk you are happy to take with your funds
  • The need to generate income or capital growth or maybe a mixture of the two from your money

This is not an exhaustive list, but returning to the word 'affordability', these simple starter questions might help when thinking about the goal or life event you are focusing on. I hope this helps, and take a look at our free guides too – these are focused by life stage and should give you some helpful prompts as to a way forward.

Now all you have to do is get working, saving and meeting your goals.