Back to School?

Did the advertising of 'back to school' ‘sales’ and ‘products’ get earlier this year? Some schools had not even broken up before the school 'stuff' sales had started.

Nothing changes really - I am sure the Christmas advertising will start next month, with Easter starting in mid-December! You never knew you were missing a protractor and pink ruler did you?

But it's all marketing pressure to part you early from your hard earned cash. So, maybe going 'back to school' for your money planning is not a bad idea this autumn. It's good to know that many schools are now teaching personal finance as part of the curriculum, which will help future generations, but possibly not those with a bit of money to sort out now. And we don't mean going back to learn maths!

Also, there's so much stuff you can sort out online these days, at your own pace, in your own time, which is great for accessibility to control your money. The 'digital by default' world is all well and good, as long as you know what you're doing. And there's the rub, maybe you need a bit of help, and I am sure you are comfortable about going online.

There are some good free websites that can help you plan your money, such as:

Money Advice service:

Citizens Advice Bureau:

The team at has also created free guides to help visitors with their financial planning needs. These are here:

So if the thought of 'going back to school' for your money planning fills you with dread, make life easier for yourself and try .