Argh! You know what it’s like when stuff just won’t download.

Its slow, no connection, buffering…you just want to get on! Roll on 5G is all we can say!

You just want information now so that you can go forward, and not be subject to how much bandwidth you've got on your phone, tablet, computer, whatever you use to get your daily fix from the internet.

Question for you – how much bandwidth do you have? Is your personal 'broadband' capacity unlimited (like they promise on the TV!), or does it have limits and suffer from slow downloads or buffering when a really boring subject like money or financial planning comes up? Be assured you would not be alone.

So, how do you take information in when it comes to your money planning? Does it just filter in and happen, usually once every month on payday, or do you get an app that says here's everything you need to know? They are out there, and has a Wealth Dashboard app to look at what money could look like for you in years to come, taking into account some fair assumptions.

We all have busy lives, it's just a question of what we fill them with, noting that there is usually only so much capacity, or bandwidth, that we can deal with, even if we are very smart or organised! Whatever you do, leave some capacity for your money planning. There are many helpful apps and programmes out there to help you achieve your money planning.

You would not want any 'money buffering' in the future!