Been reading a book

I’ve been reading a book on economics.

It's a historical book about an important chap, his journey through economics at a vital time in the nation's history and his central contribution to the process...and the consequences of this. It's a bit dull really, and certainly very dry, with little colour to brighten up the political manoeuvres he was involved in.

With the lockdown continuing, I will get to the end, only because I promised myself I would, rather than because it's anywhere close to being the page turner I had foolishly hoped it would be. Indeed, it was only after I began to settle down into the first sections that I realised I had read part of it before and had also put it down before. Not this time though, oh no! If I'm going to be bored, it may as well be to the end of the tale.

This situation reminds me of how it must feel to face dealing with financial planning for someone who is not that interested. A dry topic, lacking in life's colour to give it depth, unless it's going horribly wrong, and then there's usually too much depth, or should I say debt? However, as it was for my book's lead character, planning is necessary and usually has the possibly of negative consequences, especially if you don't promise yourself to get to the end.

You might have made a list of what needed doing in the home whilst you were locked down. I would hazard a guess that most lists did not include 'Spring clean financial planning!'. You're probably not going to want to meet face to face with someone at the moment to discuss your needs, so is well placed to help you with your financial planning needs online, without a meeting.

Make sure you get to the end of your 'boring book', just like I have, even if it is just to tick a box...but of course your online financial planning is more important than my book!