Boing! Boing! Boing!

It’s all getting a bit scary out there with the global spread of coronavirus.

If you're not spooked, you might be aware that many global stock markets have been spooked, then calmed, then…well, time will tell! Indeed, there is potential for a future global economic recession, and we believe that this is the issue that has been brought forward by the significant global spread of COVID19.

Does this bouncing around of markets matter to you? Perhaps not much, but you might want to know that if you have a pension out there in the ether, or an ISA as examples, they might be invested in stocks and shares and you might have seen the value of your money bouncing around a bit in the last few days/ weeks. The near future is a concern to most people, and the 'big decisions' people at central banks are focused on keeping economies running smoothly. The last few days have given a good demonstration of how markets, and perhaps the money in that pension or ISA you own, can react to evolving global events and, in some respects, may offer a challenge to an individual's view on their attitude to investment risk and their capacity for loss. When's the last time you thought about your views on this?

You might know that we feature on our website stuff about investment risk and you may have a different view on investment risk, dependent on where you are in your lifecycle. More can be found in our free financial guides here: . Take a look and they are free!

Be careful out there and wash your hands thoroughly!