Celebs, influencers & you?

I spotted a famous ‘celeb’ at the airport the other day.

Observed as they were, no reaction was given and it was all unremarkable really, as it was for everyone else around (they probably didn't want to be disturbed anyway!). I questioned what category of 'celebrity' they fell into?

Influencer perhaps? Hmm…and that's where I ran out of steam. What had they achieved that would give me motivation, desire even, to take an action, or to be more like them? Well, you can guess the answer, but it did make me think about what does influence me, and others, what really motivates?

Sure, on this Insight page, we have for money planning often asked, 'if you could change one thing what would it be?', but perhaps the better question is 'what would influence you to do something with your money?'. Love, greed, fear and the like might be factors, but it might simply be because someone you trust just tells you to do it!

We hope that some of the wisdom we impart through the SaidSo pages provides you with some guidance as to how you can manage your money matters. Are we an influencer? Perhaps, but use whatever motivates you to take control of your financial situation.

So, as the balance of 2018 starts to approach on the horizon and the nights draw in, what will you do with your money planning? All we ask is 'be influenced', however you achieve that, to take the next step to action.

Go on, be your own star, and do it for your future!