Dear Santa...

‘I have been a good adult this year, as you probably already know because I am not on the naughty list and have tried to manage my money as best I can, especially as I write to you now with my Christmas wish list.’

If you were really writing this letter with a wish list as an adult, then we may have some bad news for you on the Santa existence front. However, we are approaching the most expensive part of the year for most people, with only three more paydays until the celebrations for some start in earnest. The phrasing of this sounds a bit childish, but it's important to remember that if you get paid your salary a bit earlier in December (most do), then you have around six or so weeks until you get paid again...and that needs managing.

And talking of managing your financial planning, how did you do in 2019? Did you make any changes? And if not, and you've got the same old outcomes, you won't be surprised, will you? In most situations, if nothing changes, outcomes also don't change.

It's not too late of course, with a good few weeks left in 2019 to make some real positive changes before the distractions of family, Christmas lists, cards and shopping take over. Makes me tired just thinking about it, but it happens every year.

You may have your own ideas. Not spend so much on gifts this year, hold some cash back to cover the dark nights of January, or if you've got some cash, plan to give it away to family using your annual gift allowance (£3,000 in this tax year, and you can go back one year if you did not use last year's allowance - quite popular with some to help the family at Christmas time).

If you want more ideas as to what to look at, then grab yourself a free guide from our website here. Admittedly, they are not very festively focused, but great for giving individuals some pointers as to what needs to be considered at various stages of life.

Enjoy our free guides...and sorry about Santa spoiler part!