Floating to the top of the bowl!

Goldfish! We all sort of love ‘em. Round and round the bowl they go, not remembering much and then one sad day, they pass away and float to the top of the bowl…

How's your life's goldfish bowl going? The rat race of going around the bowl a bit tedious, with the fear that one sad day, you may also float to the top of the bowl?

Bit of a grim opener to the start of this Insight, but a reality nonetheless...death and taxes and all that!

One day you're going to retire! Might not be at 65, but still you're likely to get there. I understand that the Japanese call this the 'second life'. What a great term! So, what are you going to do with your second life? Some suggest that true retirement is a state of mind.

At a recent financial conference, it was suggested that you have your hobbies in place before you retire, rather than trying to invent them when you stop work. I like that as a suggestion. So, again, same question, what are you going to do with your second life?

And if you don't know now, have a think about it. It's important. Because the question will not go away easily...unless you don't plan to retire.

It is currently planned that employee savings to workplace pensions to increase next year by an additional 3.0% gross for those who have been auto-enrolled in their employer's scheme. This might be a painful reality, squeezing household budgets, but it is likely to be a good thing, so stay with it if you can and be ready from April 2019 for the change.

You've got to have some money to enjoy in your 'second life' before the inevitable happens.