Got any trimmers?

The global events surrounding the pandemic that is Covid-19 have been swift and terrifying for most as we all seem to be staring down the barrel of the unknown.

Most are scared for their loved ones, for their wellbeing, and coping with the effective lockdown that sees us – correctly - tucked away in our respective homes.

And those walls do seem to close in as the days blur into nights, into weekends, into weeks, with weeks of more of the same to come. Seclusion is likely to keep us safe, so it's bearable in a way. It's the unforeseen consequences that seem to have more relevance, with my desire to own hair clippers right up there on the 'want' scale. My impression of a woolly mammoth is going to be legend when we see our real freedom return again.

What needs to be considered before we get to the other side of this? Money might be a problem and trimming expenses early could well be a good course of action. Now, you might be thinking 'well I can't go out to spend any money anyway!', and that would be fair. Personal expenditure costs might be significantly reduced, but will this go far enough to make ends meet? You've probably got some extra time if you're working from home (and I appreciate that some vital key workers can't do this), so now might be a good time to spring clean all your money planning before this current situation ends and we hope to find some normality in the latter part of 2020.

Also, take a look at what the government is offering if you're self-employed, or your earnings have been reduced because your position is 'furloughed' (granted leave of absence):

Pay attention to sensible offers of help from lenders or landlords but read the small print carefully as to what is really being offered. And importantly, look out for scams. If a service provider you use reaches out to you with an offer of help, make sure it really is them before you engage. Scammers seem to think they are in paradise at the moment!

Be careful with everything at the moment and stay safe both personally and with your money!