How will you achieve that?

Life in general is a risk. There is a view that the more risk you take, the more reward you receive.

This does not always prove to be the case, but as you move through life, there are natural risks and also some rewards that will steer you to where you are going. The question might be where you are heading, and how will you achieve that? More to the point, possibly, what is 'that'? You decide.

Dreams for us all are different, but how much do they cost? Your dreams might be modest, or grand, but each has its price. And you will probably find that the cost in current terms will be different in years to come when you take into account inflation.

How to measure inflation? There's the official rate of inflation, but the real effect on the prices in your local supermarket might not reflect this, and again there's likely to be a different 'rate' for things like school fees, care costs, or indeed retirement.

Planning is obviously key (we would say that) but thinking ahead is usually worthwhile. And taking some risk in the way you invest your money for the future is likely to feature in the decisions you will need to make. Although never usually guaranteed, achieving real growth (an amount above inflation) might well be your objective to help you achieve your goals.

Think it through to see what you want your future to look like and what it might cost.