Is spring cleaning still a thing?

Years ago, spring cleaning your house after the dark months of winter, ready to welcome the warm spring and summer, was a thing. Is it still? Not sure really!

Applying the same theme, does anyone ever 'spring clean' their money? And by that, we mean having a good rummage through what you've got, making sure it does what it should do (which is work for you), polishing up any spots of averageness, and making sure it's ready for the summer of your future.

And this can mean anything, from keeping the tax you pay on your money to a minimum, to earning a bit more interest on your cash, to making sure you're getting what you should be from your employer, to putting money aside for the autumn years of retirement…I could go on.

It's probably simpler to look at these money planning things when the nights are long and, well, a bit boring really! But each to their own…you might think and plan differently, but whatever you do…DO IT!

If we have bored you already at the thought, then just pick off one thing to do:

  • Go on, see if you can drop any charges on your bank account, or earn some interest on that savings account you have. It's your money you're losing!
  • See if you can get a pay rise or add an extra £10.00 per month to your pension, if you're allowed. It's usually the little stuff that adds up to the big stuff in the future.

Still not convinced? Then just download our free Wealth Dashboard app and play with that. You can find it here:

It should make you wonder what your future reality might be…and then you might want to spring clean your money now!