It’s been emotional! What about your money fintech?

We’re going to be four years old this month! Hurrah

I feel like running round the office like a toddler, scaring all of the staff as they look after this important money stuff! We are so pleased with the innovation that we put into SaidSo, both pre-launch, post launch and in the last few years. It has genuinely been emotional.

Innovation has not stopped, especially in the world of fintech, with many advances in the way that money can be used, applied, invested and transacted day to day. Most of you know whether you are in credit or debit with the bank. The bank will certainly get excited if you are in debit (if they allow it that is), telling you what charges will be made. But what's your balance on your emotional bank account?

Money is emotive. There, I've said it!

And what a range of emotions it can create! Fear, happiness, comfort, sadness when it's lost, boredom when it's a chore...but each one is a feeling, good or bad. So, if you thought about your money position right now, would you be in a positive balance, or a negative one? I am sure you can think of a time when you had no money and it was a negative time, or even other times when it was all a bit neutral.

As a bit of reverse psychology, if you are in a good place with your money right now, how did you get there? Each of our finances is different and our needs for money are certainly different. Did you plan, or did it just happen, or a bit of both...and could you do more of the same to make it even better financially?

And if you're in a more difficult place, possibly travelling from a good place, what was the journey and can you hitch a ride back to the better times? We know this will need some thought and possibly a glance back at old bank statements to see how things changed for better or worse. But the answer is a bit of regular 'TLC' towards your financial planning, whichever position you're in.

And can technology and all things fintech help? We think so! With our free guides, our regular Insights and, of course, our free Wealth Dashboard app, we can help you think about and look to the future. Banking has also moved on significantly in the last few years with helpful apps and connectivity to help you manage your money far more easily. If you have not taken a look, maybe 2019 is the year to make some real changes to the way you manage your money…perhaps rather than it managing you?