Just slow down, will you!

‘Is it me or has Christmas started early?’. Heard that before, but seriously, this year, 01 December and HOW MANY Christmas trees are up and twinkly lit, along with rooflines and gable ends all flashing in the dark night skies.

We like it, so we're not being all 'bah humbug', but it's like everyone's had enough of 2018 and just said 'have it' to Christmas!

So, ok, but there's still a whole month ahead of this year and some pretty serious stuff to go down with our politicians. Maybe that's the reason some have gone early on Christmas, to drown out the misery of Westminster?

Slow down a bit will you! There's still money stuff to consider. Yes, we know it's boring, but it's not going to go away.

You already know some of this:

  • Payday is early this month, and then there's a big gap to the next pay packet in January.
  • Credit card bills arrive about the third week of January, just before you get paid, so be careful on the spending.
  • For anyone who's been auto-enrolled, pension costs rise in April 2019.
  • Inflation is still stubbornly above 2.0% and may not fall.
  • Wholesale oil costs have been falling a lot, but not that much when it comes to filling up at the pumps for your festive travels!

Remember, of any year, in 2019 the UK is jumping a bit into the unknown, so put some money aside if you can to cover some of the points we've noted above, and perhaps some of the stuff we don't know about yet.

Now, back to the decorations…