Lockdown bank holiday weekend heading your way!

Friday 08 May 2020 is VE Day, the 75th anniversary, celebration and remembrance of Victory in Europe day, when the fighting stopped at the end of WWII.

Lots of people have spent many hours working to bring notable events together across the UK, indeed the bank holiday date this year was moved from 01 May to 08 May to bring the welcome day off into line with this important anniversary. I am sure we would all love to be out and about doing our thing on Friday, but we know that with the lockdown, this will not be possible.

Many plans have been dashed in recent weeks and making the best of a difficult situation is not always easy. We all have our own ways of coping and keeping busy where required.

It has been suggested in the past that one of the most valuable commodities we all have is time; it's just a question of how we use it.

So, even though this 'long' weekend may just merge into the seven or so previous weeks during which we have all been locked down, try to make something of it! Perhaps a treat, perhaps some time for reflection, time with friends via virtual drinks, getting that chore at the very bottom of your 'to do' list done, or some money planning for the longer term?

On the money planning topic, pick one subject which is an issue, even if it is as simple as bringing all your bank statements together in one file, and get it done. It may not bring you much satisfaction, but at least it will be one less thing to think about when this is all over!

Happy VE Day all and keep safe!