More or less fun?........Exchange rate changes!

Dependent on where you’re going abroad this summer (if you are), then your holiday might be more or less expensive this year!

I was thinking about the physical things that you might spend your money on whilst relaxing on holiday, but there's usually one thing we're all after, which is fun!

With all this Brexit muddle continuing, I am sure we will see the value of the Sterling currency fall as well as rise over the rest of 2019, which makes the real cost of your holiday (however you enjoy it!), well, unpredictable.

And if you look forward to the future, maybe when you slow down work, or stop all together, how much of a plan do you have? It is unpredictable, and if you are focussed and it's all mapped out (well done you!), how much margin have you left in your planning for external issues, such as inflation and exchange rates and interest rates that we have little future control of?

Build this into your financial planning because you do not want your money, and its real value, slipping away from you at the end of your working life because of external factors. And be assured that these external factors (inflation, interest rates, pay rises and alike) will change over time.

Maybe the thought of mapping out your future finances with a holiday pending will be the last of things to consider on your list. But when you are settled in your recliner on a beach and your glass of wine bill has spooked you because of the rise in cost, then maybe have a think about the longer term and the affordability of your future annual holiday.

Try SaidSo online soon and, of course, Bon Voyage!