Never been fitter, well physically anyway!

I, like many, normally jump in the car in the early morning to scoot to the office in a 20-minute blur of what the day ahead holds.

It's usually busy, to say the least, and piecing together the plan of action fills my mind as I park up, open the office and find a coffee.

Now working from home, the morning programme has adjusted, rather than changed. Instead of jumping in the car, I jump on my static cycle and virtually 'cycle to work', a distance of 8.7km, achieved in around 20 minutes...ironically about the same time as it takes to get to work in a car! I certainly feel physically fitter in the lockdown, but for me there are many other physiological and psychological benefits to justify my now aching leg muscles.

The first is that the changes maintain the morning routine of readying myself for a day's work. Of course, the exercise pushes blood around the body to wake up the engine that will power me through the day. But most importantly, I have the usual 20 minutes to take stock of what lies ahead and how I am going to tackle the day in its now changed format. Keeping fit in your mind is as important as in the body.

The very quick-change transition we have all experienced has been challenging to say the least. And the challenges we all face can be daunting, from managing work from home, to keeping the kids sane, to feeding the family, to keeping in contact with loved ones, to making sure you have enough money to see you through this crisis. Lots to manage for us all and your list may well vary.

Whatever you do, take a look at your household finances sooner rather than later to see if any suitable savings can be made, if needed. Staying at home will of course see some savings anyway (perhaps travel costs), but it's a great opportunity with more time available to take a real look at your household and financial planning, both during and after the pandemic has ended.