Puzzles? Or just money planning

Life can be one big puzzle! You move across the game board every day of your life, darting in different directions, taking falls, climbing ladders, some foreseen, others not.

Planning your money can be the same, in knowing if you have enough on your card to tap through today's needs, to paying the rent or mortgage, to knowing what you might have when you get to your winning post if there is one.

Sure, many would prefer to be sat on the sofa trying to remember all the old tricks to get the puzzle sorted the quickest, rather than wading through the facts and figures of financial planning. But that's what you've got SaidSo.co.uk for...so that you can relax while they do the donkey work, make recommendations on what's great for your future finances and implement all that admin-y stuff to make your life easier.

Achieving money planning stuff is not that hard, especially when you're put on the right track, and that's why SaidSo.co.uk added their new free guides to help you think about...well what you should be thinking about at your life stage with your money. Take a look here: https://www.saidso.co.uk/enquirers/new

You might be new to this financial planning puzzle. Indeed, your boss might have put you into a new pension a few years back, and you might know that your contribution costs are going up in 2019, as will your boss's contributions. It's a good start to save for old age, but many should be making their own arrangements as well, and we don't mean just the State Pension. That's where the service from multi-award winning SaidSo really helps in working out for you what to do next. We've also built a free interactive App, our SaidSo Wealth Dashboard, to help look at what might be possible in the future and this can be accessed on our website.

And if you've got an old pension, but lost contact with it, which is not uncommon, help is at hand to track it down here: find-pension-contact-details

And if you want a look, the new State Pension detail, and how to qualify for the full rate, is here: new-state-pension/overview

So, if you can't Google your way out of your money planning, which again is not uncommon, take advantage of the service from SaidSo.co.uk , and let us do the work whilst you enjoy the sofa!