SaidSo celebrates first anniversary with Free Financial Guide launch

Award-winning FinTech online financial planning website,, has launched its new SaidSo Free Financial Guide series to mark its first anniversary.

These new guides are aimed at consumers aged 20-60 years trying to make sense of their own financial planning maze. They focus on key life stages and are being launched alongside a limited-time discount for an individual financial planning report offer of £199 (normally £299).

The new Free Guides follow SaidSo's theme of 'SaidSology', defined by founder of SaidSo, Keith Churchouse, as 'To undertake your money and financial planning online'.

Co-founder of, Keith Churchouse, said:

"For many, planning for a healthy financial future is a daunting task, which means it ends up being filed in the 'we'll do it later' box. But it doesn't need to be that way, especially at the beginning of a new year. We believe, with the real value that financial planning advice can bring, our new SaidSo Free Financial Guides will simplify the process and explode this myth. We have used 'SaidSology' as our theme and ethos to achieve money planning simply, online and direct'.

"Last year, 2015, was a great first year for SaidSo, which is why we've decided to share this success by offering users of our site free financial guides to get them going on the road to their personal finance success. And our limited time special offer discount for our online personalised financial planning report is a thank you to celebrate a fabulous first year."

The newly launched SaidSo Free Financial Guides (listed below) cover 11 four-yearly lifecycle periods from the ages of 20 through to 60. With a distinct focus on individuality and the fact that each person's money decisions throughout these years are as unique as them.

1)The world is your lobster…starting out (aged 20-24 years)

2)Not exactly as expected...this money stuff is hard work (aged 24-28 years)

3)It's all getting a bit serious...houses and grown-up stuff (aged 28-32 years)

4)The pitter-patter of massive bills and nappies (aged 32-36 years)

5)The push to be better! (aged 36-40 years)

6)The squeezed middle and half-time whistle (aged 40-44 years)

7)Moving on, up...or out (aged 44-48 years)

8)Every day brings a new and exciting ache (aged 48-52 years)

9)Retirement, me! Not yet…but… (aged 52-56 years)

10) The final push to your winning line (aged 56-60 years)

11) Bored now, want to get off the treadmill please (aged 60 years)

Topics covered include budget planning and first homes, making the most of tax allowances, children's savings, investments and pensions, divorce, retirement, and wills.



Notes to editors:

1.For all media enquiries contact Claire Dee, SaidSo PR consultant, on 07798 894520 or email

2.About is a multi-award-winning independent online financial planning website which makes financial planning as easy as child's play. In just a few clicks, and for a fixed fee of £299 (£199 through the new limited time offer), users of the site input their current details and receive an individual tailor-made financial planning report. The SaidSo report and implementation process helps its customers achieve financial objectives to suit their needs and way of life. is special in that it offers an online-only one-stop shop financial planning service both for advice and arranging products – ideal in today's busy internet-led world.

SaidSo is a trading name of Chapters Financial Limited based in Surrey, UK.Chapters Financial Limited was established in 2004, having over 30 years' previous experience in the UK retail financial services profession, dealing in a range of areas to provide individual financial planning solutions.Led by co-founder Keith Churchouse – a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Planner – Chapters Financial Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (registration number 402899).

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