…what’s so great?

Many think their greatest asset is calculated in terms of money, but another hugely valuable asset is time. You may know the feeling of being short of both!

So, what is so great about

Time saving

Finding time to research, arrange and visit a good financial adviser when convenient to your schedule can be hard work and potentially costly. Even if you want to manage your own money directly, it takes time and knowledge…and confidence. Where do you start?

Our SaidSo financial advice service is only available online and requires no meetings, reducing costs and available 24/7.....which I am sure should allow you time to arrange your financial planning, whether you have time in the morning, lunchtime, after work or in the evening. Even weekends and bank holidays!

Time is precious...and one of the main reasons we introduced our free guides to help look at the key points that need to be considered at individual life stages. Easy to read, and in line with our jargon free principles, we think they work well. Our free SaidSo Wealth Dashboard App is also a helpful tool in looking at how your money could work in the future.

Low cost

With inflation on the rise and all the Brexit noise going on, most are cost conscious as household incomes get squeezed. But many still find the cost of advice a hurdle to planning their money for the future. Because SaidSo is an online-only service, the costs of providing for meetings and travel, as examples, don't exist. Therefore, we can offer full independent advice on a low fixed cost basis for our three planning stages. These are for your individual advice (£299) through your SaidSo Report, implementation (getting your agreed plans started if you want us to do that) £159, and reviewing your plans later on when you are ready (£129, again if you want, but that's up to you).

No ongoing fees, or percentages, just flat fees for the part of the service you use.

Why three SaidSo stages?

Simple - because you may not want to use all three!

Once you have your individual SaidSo Report, there is nothing to stop you sorting out your own arrangements. This may offer a cost saving if you have the time. Remember, stages 2 and 3 are only available if SaidSo has provided the initial advice. We are proud of our advice service and can only implement what we recommend, as I am sure you would expect.

If you want to see what an example SaidSo financial planning report might look like, then this is illustrated on the site here:

…but don't forget to try our free stuff on the website as well. on the move

We also designed to be mobile compatible, which is important for many who are time poor and always on the move. We thought through this and built in a 'save' program to our system, so if you run out of time in filling in your plans, you can save your progress and come back when you have more time. Your details and privacy are important to and you can be confident these are held securely. Do take a look at our Privacy Policy on the site.


Looking for a low cost, online independent financial advice service, where you receive an individual recommendation report which you can implement and then review your planning into the future?

Look no further than our online financial advice service,!