Tattoo you!

One of the most individual things you can do is have a tattoo. It’s personal to you and, excuse the pun, really gets under your skin.

Way back in 2012, a poll suggested that 21% of the population had at least one tattoo (and a higher percentage between ages 18 and 29).

What else really gets under your skin? Money stuff usually comes high on many people's lists. Running out of money now? Running out of money later?

The saying of 'getting under your skin' might create negative feelings. An irritant, something annoying, a persistent itch that just wants to be scratched perhaps. It might be a person, a situation, or just a combination of stuff that happens. However, do you have a choice, especially when it comes to your money plans?

If you wanted one thing to change to make your personal money budgets balance a bit better, what one thing would you change now? Could be anything from changing the tariff from your energy supplier, to one less trip to the cinema, to re-mortgaging at a lower interest rate. You decide, but each choice needs a positive action to hopefully save some cash and start to make your money balance.

And how early do you start with your money planning? A baby can have a pension started and receive tax relief on the contributions made (within limits) from birth. It's never too early to start – but bear in mind that the minimum age to draw pension benefits is currently 55 and proposed to increase, so the person that starts the plan may not be around to be thanked by the child when they come to draw their pension benefits all those years later.

If the 'getting under your skin' analogy of earlier is just a fresh ethos of saving some new or additional money every month, then that is a hugely powerful feeling.

Enjoy the autumn, enjoy the new positive you with your money planning!