The decade gone…where did that go?

November is a great time of year to review your financial planning, online or otherwise.

Perhaps you can look at what you should have done but forgot from your resolutions in January of 2019. It's possible that this is more pertinent as we end the decade, looking back over the last 10 years and reflecting on what you might have had planned, but somehow life got in the way and the plans somehow didn't happen. 2010 was very different to the way 2020 looks, with some changes for the better and some for the worse. Technology has made a huge difference to the way that we look at our world, and the way we use it, with being a good example of what has and can be achieved.

What were you doing 10 years ago? Sure, you might remember where you lived, who you were with, how old the kids were, the health of your parents and the like. But how were you doing financially? Were you in a good place and money never really made it on to your personal radar because it really wasn't a problem? Or the opposite?

So, are you in a better place now than you were and what did you do to influence this change, good or bad? Changed job, inherited some money, got divorced, got married, children left home? These are all possible life junctions that make a difference (usually) to individuals personally, but also financially. Hindsight is an exact science, according to some, but if you could wind the clock back over the last 10 years and could make a change from a money point of view, would you? Each of these life experiences creates a part of who we are. Proof is personal, to add another saying into the mix!

It is almost impossible to influence the past but, of course, you have the future ahead of you, and invariably this is something you can control. So, what would you do and what's stopping you?

If you need ideas on how the future might look, we have created some tools to help. Use the free SaidSo guides focused on your time of life, or our free Wealth Dashboard app to help you look forward to the next decade. You would not want to read this Insight in 2029 and think…the decade gone…where did that go?