The environmental impact of

We think it's important to evaluate the impact any business has on the environment to ensure this is kept to a minimum.

Why? Because innovation and thinking on what can be done to maintain a great product should always include the aim of keeping the cost to the world's resources to a minimum.

So what about SaidSo and its footprint? Well, the footprint is small, virtually none actually! Why? Because we have taken the carbon footprint out of the financial advice process by removing the need for meetings and all this entails, such as travel as a good example. As an online-only service, the cost to the environment is low, which is great. As our service develops further and more people use this facility, we think the UK financial advice sector can show the way and be a great example of what can be achieved in reducing carbon output.

You will see that our site features the Planet Mark and this is something our main business has subscribed to for some years. It's part of our continued commitment to minimising our carbon footprint for future generations. They have a right to a future too.