What fuel would you chose for your money planning?

The choices as to the way we fuel our lifestyles are changing rapidly. The cost, and the sources of energy, as examples, are a good case in point.

Do you have a petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric car, and what motivates you to make the decisions you do? Which tariff you use on your home energy, and where do you get it from – many now favour providers which include renewable energy.

And the choices available in all aspects of our lives are changing, from the food we eat, to the way we manage our money and its financial management. This website SaidSo.co.uk, is a good example of how financial advice can be accessed and implemented without the need for a meeting or travel costs (in terms of time, money and energy). The delivery of advice online reduces postal costs and of course cuts down the need for some of the hard copy paperwork for the important information that is applicable to financial plans.

The alternative of meeting face to face is still there from many providers, and we think for the foreseeable future will remain so, but it's good to have choice, which may be cheaper and more environmentally conscious in its delivery to you, the client.

You will see that our website features the Planet First mark at the bottom of this page and more of their excellent work can be found here: https://theplanetmark.com

So, the next time you fill up your car, or change your energy tariff, have a think about how you are fuelling your financial planning, and perhaps most importantly with whom?