SaidSo Stage 1 Your individual SaidSo
financial planning report

£ 299

The offer of a discount of £100 on our initial advice charges is limited to 100 calendar days from the start date of this promotion, which starts on 20 January 2016. Our normal standard fee for our initial advice charge of £299.00 will apply thereafter

Your SaidSo individual financial planning report will cover the objectives and needs you have specified in your online return, along with any additional guidance needed to improve your financial position.

We will need a comprehensive understanding of your full details and objectives. Then your financial planning will really start to take shape and will encompass confirmation of your circumstances, objectives and attitude to investment risk and tolerance to loss. We can then provide details of our research and considerations before recommending our independent SaidSo solutions to meet your needs and providing a summary. Once you have considered these, your individual plans and recommendations can be implemented if you wish, when you are ready to proceed (Stage 2) online/through the post.

The details we provide will also cover additional financial observations if there are areas we feel you need to consider and address. Examples of these could be writing an existing life policy in trust or making a will.

On receipt of your Stage 1 SaidSo fee, you will receive your independent financial planning report within 10 working days. **Subject to responses from your existing providers if required. We will email you to confirm your report is ready to view/download.

Full details of our terms can be found in our Terms of Business and Client Agreement. Only for UK individuals and those UK Resident for tax purposes. Not suitable for US Citizens.


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Making your SaidSo recommendations happen

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