SaidSo Stage 3 Review of SaidSo recommendations
later on to keep you on track

Your financial planning should evolve to meet your changing world and circumstances.

SaidSo recommends that you review your financial planning once a year and our Stage 3 process enables you to update us with your current circumstances. After assessing these changes and undertaking research where required, we will send you a short report with recommended changes where needed to keep your financial planning on track.

Your SaidSo review would normally include:

  • Update of your personal details.
  • Review of the impact on your financial planning strategy of any changes in your circumstances and make recommended changes to your planning, where required.
  • Implementation of any agreed changes, such as fund switches or changes to pension contributions/ income payments.

This is only available to existing SaidSo customers who have already used our full advice and implementation services.

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Full details of our terms can be found in our Terms of Business and Client Agreement. Only for UK individuals and those UK Resident for tax purposes. Not suitable for US Citizens.