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Around 80 million Easter eggs sold every year! Happy Easter!

Easter falls early this year and may just bring some relief from the continued challenges that the pandemic has imposed. With around 80 million Easter eggs sold every year, it’s no secret that Brits love to indulge over Easter. But what’s the cost?

Research by the website found that an estimated £381 million was spent on Easter eggs last year (2020); this was £154 million more than if consumers bought the same amount of chocolate but in bar form (£227 million). Each consumer could save £4.28 by purchasing chocolate bars, overall making Easter eggs 68% more expensive than chocolate bars (although it’s not as fun to tuck into a plain chocolate bar during Easter!).

Apparently, the world’s most expensive Easter egg stands at about $8.4 million! It’s a diamond-studded egg that opens to reveal 18-carat gold and crystal.

2021 started immediately with a lockdown, the third, and the first three months of the year have not been easy. However, hope is at hand through the continued rollout of the vaccines across the UK, with most of those over the age of 50 having received their first vaccination by the time Easter ends. The planned partial relaxation of the meeting rules is also about to be implemented and the prospects for the summer look a lot better.

The end of the tax year 2020/2021 falls over Easter, and of course this means that the start of the new tax year is around the corner, with many renewed allowances. Don’t forget that money planning carries on throughout the year.

However you plan to spend Easter, we hope that you have an enjoyable time and are able to relax.

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