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Flying to the edge of your money world!

The headlines have been full of features about billionaires flying to the edge of space for a few minutes before returning safely to their landing site to the adulation of the select few chosen to welcome them home.

Social media was alight with the meaning of achieving the two successful flights, much negative, and some positive, taking into account what we have all been through.

If, as an individual, you were able to escape from your world, just for a few minutes, and you could gaze down at your universe, what would you see? I am not referring to taking a holiday and musing on what needs doing next week, I am talking about the overall world that is yours.

And if you glimpsed your ‘money island’ that you might view from above, would you be happy, relaxed, or perhaps perplexed that it was far too small, and needed to be a lot bigger? You might be aware that in Dubai, they build islands and adjust their size, as an example, so if you could do the same, where would you start?

The reality is that any project focusing on change needs planning, and you might want to use a ‘past, present future’ process. What do I mean?

Check where you are with your money now, going through a few statements from your bank account and your pension provider and look at your savings position. Are your income and outgoings in a net surplus position after all the standing orders and direct debits have gone through in the month, or are you in the red? Check how you got there, why costs are high or low, and see what can be positively changed. A financial planner can help you with your assessment and consider your needs and goals.

Then, once both past and present are understood, most importantly, look to the future with planning, and hopefully some good financial advice, as to what you could achieve for your money island. I think that the ground-breaking flights to space and indeed, the changing of islands, both demonstrate that anything is possible as long as you focus, work hard and perhaps dream big.

Speak to your financial planner soon and keep your planning updated regularly. Enjoy your flight!

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