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November 2020! Sparkler or damp bonfire?

Well, 2020 is not over yet, but it is getting close!

With the implementation of many lockdowns across the UK, the likelihood of this month being a 'sparkler' might be reduced, with many finding their physical and financial spirits rather dampened.

Taking control at times like these can be a challenge, especially after the attrition of the last few months. However, there are things that you can do to take control of your money and, in some ways, these are exactly the same as in recent years gone by.

  • With bonfire night pretty much cancelled and the 'festive' season around the corner, some might think 'go for it' on the spending to compensate for the troubled year just gone. Hold back if you can and don't rack up debts, such as on credit cards, that you can't afford to repay promptly.

  • Think about your savings and make sure you have enough in the 'kitty' to see you through if things get any worse. We know the first type of the Furlough schemes ended in October 2020 and unemployment is expected to rise.

  • People have been spending less and saving more, well how could you spend as you did before? If you have got a good buffer of savings and still have excess, pay down outstanding debt if you can.

  • Read your last six months of payslips and bank statements to make sure nothing has been added or subtracted that should not be there.

  • If you previously cut back on other savings, such as your monthly contribution into a pension, then maybe revisit this decision to see if you can start saving again.

All of the above are very good, if rather dull, housekeeping measures for your money, and easy stuff that you can do in November to make sure that your money planning has a bit more sparkle than before.

Make November your personal financial planning month this year!

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