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The low points of the US election were…well, low, and they are still coming.

The high points were not that high, but the current President being advised by one official to 'put on his 'big boy' pants' and concede the election was somewhat amusing. I think he is still in the wardrobe having a rummage to find the garment required.

Life situations do not always end up with the results we hope for, I think we all know that from this year. Indeed, many outcomes are really disappointing, this is to some extent life. But it's not the outcome, good or otherwise, it's what you do thereafter that's important.

Have you ever surprised yourself in the way you handled a tricky situation? Feels great somehow against a backdrop of adversity. This might be a health concern, a relationship issue, or a money worry. The prickly issue that needs to be grasped firmly to move forward. And move forward we must.

There have been a few good articles on talking about money issues and how through the pandemic many have been hiding their money problems. An example is here: There are of course a range of reasons why this might be the case, each as individual as the problem in question.

There are various areas of help, and an example of a problem (debt), and the help that can be at hand is here:

Another good source of free guidance on managing your money can be found here:

Whatever you do, especially as we start to reach an expensive time of year (Black Friday ahead), be careful how you deal with and manage your money. And if you are getting into difficulty, seek advice as soon as you can.

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