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What do you want to achieve from your SaidSo financial planning?

Financial objectives & aspirations

This section of your SaidSo report will highlight your objectives both now and into the future as you have listed them online. We may note additional points for your consideration to make our reporting to you more comprehensive.

The objectives will also cover the appropriate expected timescales and the budget you have selected, if applicable.

Combination of financial planning advice areas

It would normally be unusual to find one solution to meeting an individual’s financial planning needs. SaidSo may find that it is a combination of recommendations that meet your aspirations and needs.

Your SaidSo report

Your SaidSo report will include some of the following aspects of financial planning. Please be aware that each case and circumstance is different and so therefore the areas detailed below are suggestions of what may be covered. SaidSo treats each client case individually to ensure that the financial advice recommended is appropriate and relevant to your circumstances, aspirations and needs.

Once you have this, SaidSo can help you implement this advice when you are ready.

SaidSo has created a helpful Jargon Buster which you might find useful when checking some of the “jargon” used for your existing plans.

Financial planning advice areas

Life & Health Protection

Life assurance and health protection can be a vital element of any financial planning to ensure that any aspirations and objectives for your future plans are met. This can include situations such as your inability to work due to ill health or serious illness, or the sudden death of a family member. If this is a priority then we will make recommendations to consider either life assurance, health insurance (Income protection, Private Medical Insurance or Critical Illness protection), or both to protect both you and your family.

SaidSo may also comment on placing a life assurance policy in trust to ensure that the proceeds fall outside of your estate for inheritance tax purposes in the event of death and to ensure that your beneficiaries receive funds quickly and without recourse to probate. If you have existing protection, we will need to understand the benefits available and take these into account in our report to you. If you get stuck, we have added an upload facility to allow you to send SaidSo the last statement/detail of existing arrangements. If existing life policies are not written in trust we may comment on the benefits of doing so, if available.

Pension Planning

Many clients are saving for their retirement and have aspirations to retire at either a specific age or with a certain income, or both. If this is an objective which is of interest to you, we will provide financial advice to you for the funding of pensions to meet any future objectives and will take into account your budget to ensure that this is not exceeded, particularly when considering your other circumstances and aspirations. We will also provide, where appropriate, advice on the existing pension plans and arrangements to ensure that tax allowances are utilised (and not exceeded, such as the Lifetime Allowance (LTA)) to the best advantage and the existing arrangements are working hard whilst invested. You may have also applied for Pension Protection since April 2006 (Pensions ‘A’ day).

Our SaidSo recommendations may include that you check your State Pension benefits to ensure that they are up to date and recorded correctly, taking into account your current circumstances.

The information required for your existing pensions is quite lengthy. If you get stuck, we have added an upload facility to allow you to send SaidSo the last statement/detail of existing arrangements. To provide the correct advice, SaidSo will need to understand these plans fully because some policies have unusual and valuable benefits, such as Guaranteed Annuity Rates (GARs).

Investment & Savings Planning

Whether you are investing or saving for a specific purpose or just a ‘rainy day’ in the future, good independent financial planning offers great value in ensuring that the plans that you are investing in, or hope to invest in, will meet your future objectives.

Planning is vital to ensure that your aspirations are met and maintained in the future. When you consider the detail required by the SaidSo financial planning system, this could take account of the following issues:

  • Your attitude and tolerance to investment risk
  • Time for investment/saving
  • Current & future income tax status
  • Other investments & savings
  • Tax allowances available and used
  • Your spouse’s/partner’s tax allowances, if appropriate

Understanding these issues will guide SaidSo in providing you with recommendations for your planning.

Retirement Planning

If you have accumulated pension benefits and are now considering drawing these then many questions are generated by this unique occasion and many answers can be provided to ensure that you have a peaceful and prosperous retirement. Greater flexibility in the way you can draw pension benefits was introduced in the spring Budget of 2014 with full implementation of these significant changes from April 2015.

As examples, our SaidSo questions would include your attitude and tolerance to investment risk and your requirements for provision of spouse’s protection, protection against inflation and your requirement for capital in retirement. This could include taking tax free cash (TFC) to ensure that you enter retirement on a debt free basis. Other information that could affect the financial planning provided is your health circumstances, smoking habits if any and your anticipated longevity. The type of pension fund could also affect your planning advice, such as whether the fund contains Protected Rights (Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP)/State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS) / State Second Pension (S2P)) or Safeguarded Rights.

Your other assets and income will also affect the decisions you make and the recommendations we provide in your financial planning. Your income tax allowance and age allowance will need to be taken into account. This could guide us to provide you with advice on the following options:

  • Annuity Purchase, including Open Market Options.
  • Tax Free Cash
  • Income Drawdown
  • Phased Retirement
  • Your retirement income options following the flexibility introduced in the 2014 Budget

Care needs to be taken when considering existing pensions to ensure that features such as Guaranteed Annuity Rates (GARs) or increases in payment contained within existing policies are checked to take advantage of this additional value if available. This would be encompassed in the SaidSo report that is provided, subject to receiving all of the correct information.

State Pension

In addition to this, it would normally be important to check your State Pension benefits to ensure that these are up to date and that you receive the appropriate State Pension at the right time. A link to the relevant form to check these benefits (BR19 form) is here: . Your SaidSo report could encompass recommendations on the State Pension if additional funding is required.

Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT planning)

There are various ways of saving inheritance tax and it is important to understand the gifts, IHT allowances and Potentially Exempt Transfers (PETs) that you have made in the past and any planned gifts for the future. You may also anticipate an inheritance in the future. This could affect the financial planning advice we provide within your report and needs to be understood before making recommendations with regards to your inheritance tax strategy. This will be encompassed in your report if appropriate. Part of this issue may also be covered by recommendations made in the Will Section or may cover other areas, such as your surplus income allowance.

Legislation & Regulation

The information and recommendation that we make to you will be based on SaidSo’s current understanding of UK legislation and regulations. These will take into account the current changes in legislation.

SaidSo will also confirm that you have read and understood the Terms of Business and Client Agreement at the start of your SaidSo financial planning process**:

**You will be unable to progress your input without having confirmed your agreement of the SaidSo Terms of Business and Client Agreement

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